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The Third Italian Workshop on Landslides - 3rd IWLl

Hydrological response of slopes through physical experiments, numerical investigations and field monitoring

Naples, 23-24 October 2013  

The Third Italian Workshop on Landslides is jointly organised by the Seconda Università di Napoli and the Università di Napoli Federico II. It will focus on the relationships between hydrology and slope stability.

The Workshop aims at presenting innovative hydrological research applied to landslide studies to improve the understanding of the spatio-temporal patterns of slope movement mechanisms induced by precipitations. Rain and snowmelt water infiltration, leading to pore water pressure increase and/or matric suction decrease, is indeed among the most common triggers of landslides. Scientific knowledge about fundamenal physical processes affecting infiltration, such as macropore and fissure flow, water repellency, soil structure, soil-plant interactions, as well as about the effects of land use practices (e.g., deforestation, terracing, grazing, etc…), has strongly improved in recent years, but their incorporation into larger scale hydrological models is still incomplete and application in landslide prediction limited.