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2 offerte di lavoro per 12+6 mesi ciascuna:
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Description of the research activity:

offerta 1
Integrated modeling of fluvial eco-systems for environmental analysis, river restoration and rehabilitation and mitigation strategies.
The research activity requires skills in ecology and river hydraulics. It will be focused on the calibration and determination of the parameters necessary for the hydraulic and ecological modeling of rivers through hydraulic-ecological relationships (for example, preference curves) with particular reference to the interaction of fine sediment - habitat, and also hydropeaking and flushing from reservoirs.
The activities will concern field and laboratory ecological and hydraulic measurements to acquire the data necessary for the proposal of an approach or preference curves for the quantification of the effects of concentrations of fine sediments (at the bottom and in suspension) with regard to the habitat for target species to be defined, such as benthos and / or fish.

offerta 2
The study of fine sediment transport in mountain rivers, such as those found in the South Tyrol, is of primary importance for understanding the morphological dynamics and estimating the effects they have in the water basins. The presence of storage hydropower plants and run-of-the-river plants determines a general reduction in sediment transport downstream of the structure. On the other hand, periodically, safety and cleaning operations (flushing) must be carried out that can cause fine sediment waves with high concentrations downstream of the structure.
The research activity will focus on the implementation of fluid-dynamic models in order to simulate the hydraulic dynamics and sediment transport (silting and flushing) in a hydropower basin. Furthermore, it will be necessary to take into account the need to implement the CFD code which has the possibility to simulate the lake hydrodynamics also in presence of high sediment concentration currents.
Finally, the candidate can perform experimental measurements in the field and in the laboratory for the calibration of the CFD model.