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Colloquium EUROMECH #609, Granular Patterns in Oscillatory Flows, settembre 2020

Dal 22 e il 25 settembre 2020 si terrà a Genova, con il patrocinio del Gruppo Italiano di Idraulica, il Colloquium EUROMECH #609 (https://euromech.org/colloquia/colloquia-2020/609), unico evento EUROMECH programmato per il 2020 in Italia.

Oscillatory flows are prototypes of accelerating flows which can induce complex motion of sediment grains. Some striking phenomena are the formation of sedimentary patterns in coastal environments, the acoustic streaming, the granular segregation, the assembly of motile bacteria due to their collective motion. Contributions concerning physical, geomorphological, chemical and biological aspects related to the mechanics of particulate oscillatory flows are welcome. The colloquium will highlight the advances in our understanding through recent numerical and experimental techniques, which will hopefully be further spurred by cross-fertilization among different scientific communities.