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4th International Electronic Conference On Water Sciences

Internet, 13/11/2019 - 29/11/2019
Conference Title: Urban Hydraulic Cycle in a Climate Changing Environment

We are pleased to welcome you to the 4th International Electronic Conference on Water Sciences (ECWS-4), which will be held online, promoted by the open-access journal Water http://www.mdpi.com/journal/water.

In the last few years, three International Electronic Conferences on Water Sciences (ECWS-1, ECWS-2, and ECW-3) have addressed important water-related aspects. A fourth conference, aimed at deepening the discussion on issues of the urban hydraulic cycle (UHC), is needed, with the attention focused on water resources availability and exploitation and related management and works, drinking water processes, supply and water distribution systems, storm and sanitary sewers, and wastewater treatments.

Climate change can alter the balance between the different components of the hydrological cycle. The induced variability may affect water resources availability, people’s lifestyle, and the behavior of water systems as a whole. It is necessary to introduce new models, processes, and methodologies for better (a) understanding how to exploit the available water resources and maintaining a sustainable regime of water use; (b) improving drinking water quality and sanitation, particularly in developing countries; (c) managing the water supply and distribution systems to reduce energy consumption and leakages, ensuring good quality; (d) designing, monitoring, and operating sanitary, storm, and combined sewers avoiding pollutant dispersion in the environment and urban floods; and (e) developing new wastewater treatments and processes to improve the water quality returned to the environment.

The ECWS-4 invites researchers from the academia as well as from the industry to contribute with novel ideas and experiences to deal with processes within the context of UHC, making references to the following topics framed in a climate changing environment with a special focus on sustainability:

Managing Water Resources from Aquifers, Rivers and Lakes
Drinking Water Treatments and Processes with Special Focus on Developing Countries
Water Supply and Distribution Systems
Sanitary, Storm and Combined Sewers and Related Control Works
Wastewater Treatment Modeling, Optimization and Control

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Marco Franchini, marco.franchini@unife.it, 0532 974909
Bruno Brunone, bruno.brunone@unipg.it, 075 585 3617

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